small maps

small maps
mixed on canvas 4"x 6"

Monday, August 31, 2015

Moving Day

Probably won't post too much here after today. Introducing Detroit Art Junkie blog to coincide with the launch of DDEAF magazine this Thursday September 3. Also as a companion to detroitartjunkie Instagram. I'll put links in the link lists. Maybe keep this blog site personal as the new one is about the Detroit art scene, not me in particular. As I am forced to reinvent myself and my career one more time, oy, I guess the web pages have to evolve as well. 

Hey, I'm in this show. Pretty amazing company. Running in tandem with Art Prize. Best way to be part of Art Prize is to be sort of next to Art Prize. Here's to everyone in the show selling a piece or two!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hello Augustus

Caesar Augustus

The government is out of control. It's run by Wall Street and even the Dems won't push back because their pockets are lined with dirty money, too. Elizabeth Warren is the only voice I can hear against all this. The torture reports are heinous. The Bush administration should be prosecuted for war crimes. I'm beside myself with what's happening to this once great country. Other countries hate us. I don't like us much right now either. Waiting for the President who slaps a laurel wreath on his head and changes his name to Augustus. Then hold onto your butts for a Caligula or Nero to emerge 'cuz that's where we're headed. Wall Street is marching us right back into another financial collapse. They're leveraged worse than before and it's a free-for-all in derivatives. I'd stuff as much cash into the mattress as you can. If they crash us again, I'm defaulting on my credit cards. Citibank, Bank of America and Chase- fuck you, you greedy fucking assholes. You can eat it this time. You should have eaten it last time. You keep burdening the middle class (is there a middle class anymore?) with your selfish, unscrupulous practices. This is no different that the European monarchies. So, Mr. President? How do you like your head? On your shoulders, or in a basket?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Elizabeth Gilbert Can Bite My Ass

Bruce Giffin, photographer

I liked Eat Pray Love. It just occurred to me that the whole thing culminates in her landing a man. For the love of god. STILL? It's just a Cinderella story in contemporary clothes. Why do we still make finding a man the pinnacle of all our efforts? I'm not saying don't find a lover. I'm saying don't make him the reason for living. Can't he be a brick in the foundation toward building my life's work (and I'm a brick for his)? Not my life's work. He used to be. When women were property instead of owning property. Women can do anything they want now (for 20% less pay. Another conversation). I admire my friend Maureen. Not because she married a great guy, but because after 9/11 she heard a call to nursing. Despite several setbacks, she kept at it and now is employed as a nurse. She found Chris along the way and I'd like to think he was one support beam in pursuing her goal. Making a man the top prize in a woman's life completely diminishes everything else she does. Those bloody Republican ads they've decided are so clever at capturing a female audience only drive me further away the message is so reductive.

I recently ran into a man I dated 10 years ago. The involvement ended one day he suddenly decided to pack up and move to Chicago. Upon this surprise meeting, he took full responsibility for his actions and apologized for the abrupt departure. His self-accountability is so unusual, I'm stunned. Stunned into, what? Softness, openness, respect and admiration. I was so blown away at his willingness to consider me, we're involved again. I guess honesty, openness and responsibility for one's actions gets my panties in a bunch. On the floor. Worth considering.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Really Scary

Me by Bruce Giffin

Artists regularly create self portraits. Van Gogh has a couple famous ones. As does Rembrandt. Cindy Sherman shoots herself in costumes and quirky environments. I'm a huge fan of Francesca Woodman's hauntingly lonely images. Sometimes there's no one else to paint/shoot. A convenient, mostly cooperative, model.  A friend's museum posed a question as to the legitimacy of the selfie as a means of self expression in the context of art. After attempting a couple of these and coming up wildly short of anything remotely interesting, I was informed someone else could take the shot. Isn't that just portraiture then? It appears both Cindy and Francesca had someone else shoot the image? It's a selfie if the set dressing is theirs? But ok. I came upon this information standing next to one of Detroit's most gifted photographers, Bruce Giffin. He generously offered to take my shots. Cool.

We discussed some ideas (collaboration is ok, right?) but decided to let the images develop organically. Seeing as this is art, there was the possibility of some nudity. I found myself agreeing to any ideas presented. Never gave it another thought until about two hours before Bruce was to pick me up.  I wanted to throw up I was so nervous. What was I thinking? Oh god, oh god. I know it's ART, but . . . oh god.

There are two forms of fear. If the brakes on my car fail and I'm headed toward a busy intersection, fear can be pretty handy. The one I'm focusing on is the fear that can cause me to play it too safe and miss out on something incredible. I learned a trick when I hopped a plane to Paris by myself a few years ago. Second day there, I realized how far away I was, that I couldn't just rent a car and drive home. I completely freaked out. I want my mommy! So I called home. My Mom was great. Ok. We'll change your flight and you can come home now. Relief washed over me. When she knew I'd calmed down she asked, "But will you regret it if you come home early?" I knew the answer was, yes. I use this anytime I'm facing something I'm in to but I'm scared. It's appropriate to be scared in these situations. Be afraid. Do it anyway. Once I make that decision, I calm right down and it's usually pretty easy. This shoot was great. I surprised myself how far I was willing to go. (Helps to have a brilliant photographer that doesn't give me the creeper vibe.) Another unexpected effect was a bump in confidence. Not so much that I can look this good, that too, but I faced down a fear. The more fears I face down, the stronger I get. The next one isn't as hard. And I get to do some pretty amazing shit. I don't want to get to the end of my life and say "I'm sure glad I played it safe and paid all those bills on time!" Too many people are huddled in their homes grasping for a security that doesn't exist. Yes, it's scary to step off the front porch. Do it anyway. The world is a kick ass place to live in. Just last night I was lying in bed with the windows open. A neighbor had a fire going or was grilling. Damn, that smelled good. Soft bed with crisp white sheets on a warm summer night, breeze brushing against my legs. Whew. Lovely.

The other component, a bit off topic, but a major contributor to doing this shoot and then feeling great about it, is my age. Someone recently told me that when a woman turns 50 she becomes invisible to men. Huh. Do I look invisible? I'm 52. That shot I posted is unedited. It's the raw photo. No Photoshop. No filters. No fancy lighting. Didn't even bother to crop it (see the clips on the painting?). It's real. That's how Bruce likes it. So do I. There are more shots coming. I'll turn around for you. Face shots with my "11" between the eyebrows. My little pot belly. Wasn't it Pulp Fiction where Bruce (coincidence?) Willis' character tells his lover he likes her pot and she comments that all French women have them and they're hot? I have no interest in any shades of grey. I'm interested in real, soft, curvy, smart, independent, creative, sexy as hell women. Be afraid. Hang out with me anyway.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Don't Blame the Borgias

Showtime's Cesare Borgia

A couple TV shows in the last week have been about how humans have followed the herd to what was promised to provide happiness. Marriage, kids, a 60" smart TV. Instead of the joy promised, we are surprised by how sullen and stressed out we are. I would know. I was happy for a while. Every time I hopped into that pewter Blazer, I felt special. I bought a house on my own. Then a better one. Lovers, savings, no debt and an IRA. I had the world by the balls. Until I, and many others, didn't. I wasn't even the one who screwed it up. I fell just the same. Once carefree, now dark and ornery. The dawning: what am I doing? The Universe is vast and generous. It's only us who are short-sighted and stingy. Create a box we can live in because the enormity of it all is terrifying. It's not 1500. We can see the size of it. There. See? Just a speck on a tiny blue dot. So why burn another moment of our brief existence on anything but love and beauty? The silent but murderous pressure of conformity is extraordinarily hard to ignore. I know I'm happier on my own train, but I keep getting on the herd train. On the herd train I'm itchy and fidgety. I get lonely on my train. There's also freedom and peace.

We are so smart and so stupid at the same time. Knowing peace isn't in stuff, but strive for it anyway. We know we're screwing up the planet and consequently eliminating our own species, but keep dumping plastic in our oceans, carbon dioxide into the air. We can't seem to help ourselves. Desire is the design flaw. Wanting. Greed, lust, gluttony, envy. Earth will be here long after we've eliminated ourselves. Even if we leave it barren, which we are on track to accomplish. I am encouraged by those two shows and their message. A pinhole of light in a celebrity driven "reality" show nightmare. Maybe the dawn is coming for humanity? Can we do it? Save ourselves and this stunning world we live in? When a technological debacle with my 40" smart TV got resolved and I was able to sign back into Netflix resuming my obsession with Cesare Borgia, the relief that washed over me was tidal. Well, he is beautiful.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


fierce and bright
not a burning light
a lion's courage
will reveal
a mystery caught in the hand
is still graceful

went astray
and backed away
because you didn't look
only armor
and not the heart beneath
it's not you


Sunday, May 25, 2014

inches for miles

pitch shadow path
couldn't find my way back
you took my hand
you took my heart
and rested them
on your shoulder.

standing free
inches for miles
dust behind me
come and find me
haven't forgotten
it's raining again.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Turning Point

Guerrilla Girls

Watched the movie "The Turning Point" with Shirley MacLaine and Anne Bancroft couple nights ago. It's a great movie because it's a movie that relies on acting to create and tell a story. It doesn't lean on special effects or even a soundtrack. I love it because it's a story about two women faced with a choice. One gets pregnant and chooses marriage and kids. The other becomes a prima ballerina. She's unmarried over 40. It bothers me women still have to choose between family and a career. I was married once. Wanted kids then, too. I guess I can't say definitively that if I'd gotten pregnant I would never have painted, but I'd say it would have been unlikely. Addition to the fact I was married to an idiot, I knew that marriage was a jail sentence for me, so I divorced. It took me a couple years to figure out I belonged in the arts. I'm grateful every day I found my way to what is true to my soul. Not everybody gets there. I certainly haven't achieved the celebrated career Bancroft's character enjoys, but I'm successful nonetheless.

Politicians always distill choice down to abortion. That's only part of it. It's about the freedom to live the life a woman was designed to live and that's not exclusively motherhood. Also watched the HBO doc on Pussy Riot. A Russian reporter asks Katia doesn't she want to get married and have babies? She firmly answers, "No. Not every girl wants to find a man and give birth." Exactly. Christ. We're still lumping every female into the birthing box? The Paycheck Fairness Act was voted against by every Senate Republican this week. Why? Because it's a bunch of old white men from another generation doing the voting. (I want to hurry up and add that the women casting these votes hold a seat/job in the Senate. The woman who spearheaded the fight against the ERA in the 1970's and got it defeated wasn't home putting dinner on the table for her family because she was out campaigning. WTF?) So much for Lilly Ledbetter. I guess we have to wait for these old white guys to die off or get voted out. I hope I live long enough to see that. I have parents, Dad included, one of the coolest old white guys I know, that told me I could be anything I wanted to be. Clearly I believed them. I'm one of the lucky ones. Why aren't I just a person? No luck involved. Merely a decision. I hope we, the people, make a decision for freedom this November.

"You can keep your soul. I don't want a cell mate." Them Crooked Vultures

Monday, March 17, 2014

Resistance is Futile


I've been watching "Cosmos" with Neil deGrasse Tyson on Sundays. It's visually gorgeous. A feast for the eyes. Also happy to report some of the information presented I already knew. Thank you Bloomfield Hills Schools for a decent education. What has really struck me is the discussion of evolution as scientific fact. Several mentions of Darwin and his discoveries. I'm imagining the Tea Party and Fox News in a full on panic. I read where an Oklahoma station edited out an evolution reference in the first episode. They would have had to pretty much block last night's entire episode to prevent any ideas from entering the homes of their flock. Is it 1580? I was waiting for a breaking news report that Mr. Tyson had been arrested for his comments.

I don't know why science and religion always seem to be at such odds. It's possible to interpret Biblical statements to harmonize with what is being shown to us by astrophysicists. For example, the statement that God created the Universe in 6 days. If you modify your concept of a day beyond a human day to a meteorological day, then why not? A "day" can be billions of human years and maybe it's still biblical day 6? I don't believe "god" is a dude in a cloud. If you want to call the impressive and powerful force of the Universe "god" then, ok, I believe in God. I find it interesting how humans regularly backtrack on philosophies. I get the resistance to science in the 1500's. Galileo was just beginning to be able to prove previous theories like the Earth revolves around the sun and the Universe is vast and exists well beyond our solar system. Since the church had so much power and their business was threatened by these facts, they pushed back. Hard. Modern day Evangelicals must feel threatened to push back so ferociously.

I'm a little surprised I perceived some kind of breach while watching this show. That I even considered someone might get fired or arrested for broadcasting this kind of programming. What's most fascinating? This show is broadcast on Fox. On Sunday. I love that. Who made the decision to license this show? May I be the first to thank you, enthusiastically. I'm not against religion. I'm a fairly spiritual person. I also like science. A lot. I like facts. Show me. It's why I subscribe to the metaphysical. It's a lovely blend of both. There is so much we don't know. Still. Like what is dark matter? I'm not going to invent an angry looking old white guy with some kind of weapon and a beard to represent that mystery. I can call that unknown phenomenon God. I can call it Pete. A black hole by any other name is still a black hole. With our education system so profoundly failing our children, I'm thrilled to see this kind of programming. Bravo and god bless Pete. (I'll probably get fired for that ;)